R.E. Bay Electric Co. Inc. History

R.E. Bay Electric Co., Inc. was founded in 1930 by R.E. Bay. In 1932 Mr. Bay sold 50% interest to Mr. E.C. (Red) Collins and the company was operated as a partnership until Mr. Bay’s death in 1944 at which time Mr. E.C. Collins purchased Mr. Bay’s share from the estate.

In 1978 Mr. E.C. Collins died and willed the company to two of his nephews Alvin T. Collins, Jr. and Gerald H. Collins (long-time employees of 27 yrs. and 19 yrs. respectively). Alvin and Gerald formed a corporation in 1979 but retained the same company name. In 1983 Alvin was killed in an accident and Gerald bought Alvin’s share from the estate.

Since that time until 2001, Gerald has owned and operated the corporation. In 2001, Gerald turned over the operation of the company to three of his sons (Gerald, Jr., Mark and Todd).

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